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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

BJP Goes Monthly

It's Official. The BJP goes monthly from March - first issue comes with an interview with Don McCullin who is a true great of photography - especially his English work. (His very dark exhibition  at Imperial War Museum North in Manchester could do with somebody turning the lights on. I could hardly see anything in the darkened rooms), an interview with Gerhard Steidl and much more. Simon Bainbridge, the editor says

"We believe that print magazines have a positive future, but somewhere along the line publishers have lost sense of what makes them so appealing, and in doing so they’ve given too much ground to the internet. Why do something in print that you can do equally well on the web? So, when we began thinking about what we could deliver as a monthly, we decided to play to the strengths of print. While many magazines are cutting costs and chasing readers that now have an allegedly shorter attention span, we are investing, rewarding them with a redesigned magazine that uses higher quality paper, has superior repro and delivers more depth."
It kind of makes sense, and it will be bigger, glossier and better but I will miss the weekly BJP dropping through my letterbox.

Read the whole story here.


Anonymous said...

For £6.99 a pop it best be bloody thick and glossy.

colin pantall said...

Very thick and very glossy I hope. We'll see how it goes but it seems to be a move into a big gap in the market.