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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Free: Ring of Colour


The NHS leaflet came through our door on Friday - it details what to do if you get sick with everything from a cough to a brain tumour. 
But it doesn't mention what to do if you're just getting a bit miffed from the cold and misery that afflicts this grey and pleasant land (that's England). So for those of you suffering, here is a free download - an original Ring of Colour.

Instructions as follows:

1. Make your Ring of Colour. Take care to use colourful pens.
2. Put your Ring of Colour in the middle of the table, on the arm of the chair or the pillow of the bed where you sit or lie.
3. Pick up the Ring of Colour whenever things get too grey. Gaze and handle.
4. Repeat whenever Necessary.
5. Accept no lesser substitutes other than the above or your own Ring of Colour. They are crap and don't work and are made by art-college brush-monkeys on the minimum wage.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And make sure the NHS doesnt mistakenly cancel your very important specialist appt for surgery and then not assign another for you...twice. Its a true story..


ps and grey also pisses me off if it goes on for too long although I quite like a silver grey top