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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Peta, Baby P. and John Heartfield

Peta have run foul of everyone for running the above poster of Steven Barker, responsible for the horrific abuse of Baby P., and making the connection between cruelty to animals, rape and child abuse. Read the whole story here.

The poster is an extension of the link between vegetarianism and wider ethics (see the Paul McCartney poster above), for which John Heartfield did the original response with his "Don't be afraid, he's a Vegetarian" Hitler poster.


Stan B. said...

I really wish I was a vegetarian- although I'd feel a lot less hypocritical and guilt ridden about it if I was actually involved "processing" my meat from slaughter to plate (not that I actually want to), instead of relying on the hideous disease inducing, factory system we have in this country- which is what really needs to be addressed and fixed. PETA really do themselves, and their cause, a great disservice by being, I hate to use the word radical (I'm all for that), so irrational. Yes, Hitler was a vegetarian!

Living with a vegetarian wife, I eat less of it these days, but I'd definitely be significantly less "sociable" without occasionally exercising my incisors.

colin pantall said...

The factorisation of farming and animals does need to be addressed - in some places it is slowly but surely, but in most of the world for most people it's not.

I think the connections made in the PETA poster are accurate, but oh, I don't know, I like having a choice in what I think - and sometimes the most deserving of causes, the highest of ideals are not promoted by the most open-minded or likeable of people.