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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Irving Penn at the National Portrait Gallery

Everybody's talking about... Irving Penn at the NPG.

It's greatest hits time and my favourites are Truman Capote and the Duchess of Windsor rammed in to a Penn corner. The early work in other words.

Oh, and Grace Kelly.

And Francis Bacon.

And many more, especially if it's earlier rather than later. Here is curator Magdalene Keaney talking about the exhibition.


Anonymous said...

Oh God dont tease me with the intellectual and artistic things that Britain is making me feel so homesick for ...
Are you going to this..


colin pantall said...

Hi Sian: I went last Friday - saw Richard Hamilton too at the Serpentine, walked across Hyde Park, had some Japanese noodles, went to the Photographers Gallery (ho hum) went for a few drinks with a friend and then back home to Bath. Oi loike the big city!

You need a trip down to Sydney.

Anonymous said...

If the Richard Burton portrait is in the show, that's the winner for me hands down. Happy Spring! SRE

colin pantall said...

It is SRE ?? Happy Spring, but it's not spring here yet. It's freezing. You want me to talk about the weather - I can talk some more. Freezing! The wind's getting in my brain.

Anonymous said...

CP, we endured 35 inches of snow here in the Mid Atlantic region, about 25" more than normal.It's been in the low 50s lately and it's down right balmy.
If it's any consolation, my friends in Kahzikstan are enjoying their warm front too, up from -35 to -19.
Sorry Bath didn't get the memo. I went for a ride on my 72 Daytona the other day for the first time in 4 months and it was heaven. Nothing like a Triumph on twisty roads.
Hang in there. Later, SRE