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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Long Live the Photo-Story


If you like the 1980s, get involved with The Paper Eaters: Long Live the Photo-Story at Selfridges Ultralounge in London, England. It's run by The Girls, aka Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair (a little bit of Cindy Sherman, a little bit of Pierre and Gilles, a whole lot of Japanese something or other, some collage and cut and paste and even a little bit of Myra Hindley. You can sign up to be a contributor or assistant - but loving the 80s seems to be a prerequisite and you  might have to dress up and vote conservative and listen to Spandau Ballet and suchlike. More information here.

Encapsulating the punk DIY aesthetic, The Paper Eaters: Long Live the Photo-Story!  makes a defiant stand against the digital world.

Artist duo The Girls (Andrea Blood and ZoĆ« Sinclair) adopt the roles of editors-in-chief of a photo-story magazine with a difference. While the Ultralounge at Selfridges is transformed into an 80’s inspired den, where they will create three photo-story magazines. Selfridges’ staff and customers are taking part in shoots, and will be invited to contribute ideas and shape the stories as they are shot. Each issue will be compiled using traditional cut and paste techniques, and include contributions from guests from the fashion and art world.

You’re invited to relive the 80’s by interacting with the drive-in photo-story viewing booth, customised 1980’s make-overs, a dry ice dance floor – or even take a lead role in a photo-story for the magazine.


Anonymous said...

The 80's were shit.

Zoe Sinclair said...

Thanks for the mention Colin, hope you can make it to the show! Open store opening hours, 1-29 April 2010. Free entry. Zoe and Andrea, The Girls x

colin pantall said...

I hope I can get there and good luck with it all Zoe. Why didn't you make it the 70s though - that's when all the cut and paste stuff really kicked in big time. It looks great and full of energy and fun though so I'm sure it'll be fabulous - far better than the original because yes Anonymous, you are of course right!

Zoe Sinclair said...

Colin, as children of the 80's it seemed a natural decision. Neither of us remember the 70's. The 80's was a glorious time to be a child, when dolls and cartoons were wildly colourful and OTT, ie Jem, Popples and She-ra!

colin pantall said...

Hi Zoe - you couldn't do the project if it was the 70s which were even shitty than the 80s - old bomb sites and stagnation and incredibly bad music for the most part (kind of like the 80s really).

It looks fabulous and fun, never mind my snarky comments, and anything that makes art and photography fun has to be good.

Long Live the Photo Story!