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Friday, 5 March 2010

Yann Gross and African Skateboarders


Some of them remind me of both Paul Close and Pieter Hugo.

"I love exploring the way people come together," says the award-winning Swiss photographer Yann Gross, 29. "Two years ago, I visited my girlfriend who was working in Uganda, and she took me to this skate park she'd found in Kitintale, a working-class suburb of Kampala. It's the first east African skate park, and as a skateboarder I was fascinated by the community that had built up around it. It was constructed entirely by local kids. I ended up staying there for two months; I became friends with them first, and only then I started to take pictures.
"Here, you can see some goats milling around. It's a poor neighbourhood; there's no big shops, just small huts made of bricks and mud. The park is a little island in the middle, where the children can live their dream."

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cowwithaballoon said...

These pictures are very cool. They document what is perhaps an unexpected part of African. The photos manage to seem so foreign yet so familiar at the same time. It also conveys for me the idea that certain things transcend culture and perhaps have something deeper to say about the human condition. I suppose one could get cynical and say that this perhaps shows the spread of western consumer culture, and therefor the enviable demise of the earth. However, I think it show the links that can develop between cultures and that seems like a it has as much of a chance of bringing about world peace as anything else. Is skateboarding an Olympic sport yet?