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Monday, 26 April 2010


"I personally feel Indian films are much more difficult to write than Hollywood films. Hollywood films can sustain interest, or can interest their audience with one track. You can have a bomb in a bus, a girl is driving the bus, and a man has to save the busdriver and the bus passengers. That is all. That is the whole film. We can't do a film like that. I wish we could - it's so straightforward! It can be one scene in a Hindi film, like the climax. It cannot be the whole film. These kind of films will not run here."

The words are by Sutanu Gupta, a Bollwyood scriptwriter, quoted in Tejaswini Ganti's Bollywood: a guide to popular Hindi cinema.There's a relevance to photography here, both in the evocative series shown above and on a broader level (how is this quote relevant to photography etc, etc - this seems to be my current modus operandi on the blog at the moment/since the blog began. Which is symptomatic of what?)

The pictures above are from Massimo Sordi's  Dreaming Bollywood  series and Jonathan Torgovnik's  Bollywood Dreams, both or which fit perfectly with Gupta's words. I love the antithetical washed-outness of Sordi's architectural studies, while Torgovnik's travelling cinema has some highpoints of that no-man's-land where Mumbai/Chennai meets the Boondocks.

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