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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nadav Kander and Death

The most striking pictures in the British press at the moment are Nadav Kander's pictures for St John's Ambulance. They caught my eye because they reminded me of Walter Schels' wonderful, wonderful Noch Mal Leben series (one of which is pictured above).

But Noch Mal Leben is of  people who really lived and really died. I'm not sure if the people in Kander's St John's Ambulance campaign are models or really dead. If they are really dead, then who wrote the text, and if they are not dead (which seems to be the case), then they are just models and it's just an advert with a made up story line. A worthy advert with a valuable message that should be heard - but an advert all the same, and so a lie, even if it's in a good cause. I don't know if that should make a difference, but somehow or other it does.

The series is called The Difference, and it's five photographs that illustrate common situations in which people die needlessly when first aid could have saved them. The five situations are: choking, heart not beating, severe bleeding, heart attack and blocked airway.

See all the pictures here.


mark page said...

Walter Schels series is one of the most power projects I've seen. Wonderful, moving and full of dignity.

Wonderland said...

Nadav's images are amazing, but while technically 'in' the press these are commercially commissioned images, advertising.

Sometimes I think we fail to distinguish this important difference and look at the impact this has on the work.