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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

David Cameron, Tally-Ho-Ho-Ho!

Farewell Gordon Brown. I liked his lack of artifice and his ability to save us from complete financial disaster, especially after the venality of  Tony Blair and the array of shabby, self-interested and delusional Conservative and Labour Prime-ministers that we had over the previous 30 years.

What do I make of David Cameron, our new prime-minister? I'll be generous and go with Obama's verdict - "What a lightweight."

That's Dave in the top picture - second from left on the back row. Bottom right is Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. In the second picture you can find George Osborne, our future Chancellor (for a few months anyway) in the bottom left hand corner. The Bullingdon Club is an Oxford University drinking and dining club.

Happy hunting, Dave. Tally-Ho!


Anonymous said...

OMG This is what I cant bear in the UK the class/old boys network is just so f****ing strong...
Democracy?? I liked Brown too for the lack of Artifice. There was an ineresting article while I was there about how all the top jobs were held by a network of these Oxbridge types from politics and law right through to the media..we are being controlled scary scary stuff..

colin pantall said...

No kidding, Sian. There is this strange avoidance of the class issue even though it is at the heart of everything that is wrong with this country. It gets touched upon but somehow denied as not relevant when it is entirely relevant, when the arrogance and entitlement that comes with 54% of your party's MPs being privately educated (40 % of liberals went to private school and 15% of labour MPs.

People send their children to private school to avoid equality, inclusion and diversity, to avoid poverty, behavioural problems or special needs. But that is what the population of this country is made up of - there are such people and they overwhelmingly go to state schools. How can a party that is made up of MPs who have paid to avoid ordinary people, who have paid not to be tainted by their problems and difficulties be expected to represent them.

Oh God, it's so depressing and the Liberals are all part of it now - I voted for Don Foster, Sian. What a dick I am, and Don is one of the good ones as far as it goes.