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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Elaine Duigenan: Pictures of Snail Trails

A long time ago one of my favourite bands was from Burnley. They were called the Not Sensibles and their record labels was Snotty Snail records. Which reminds me of Elaine Duigenan's latest work. Micro Mundi - pictures of snail trails. These were taken from the sides of old and derelict caravans ("damp and neglected is good for snails" says Elaine), the trails interweaving over time, one on top of another, old markings on top of fresh ones, so creating the map like images you see above.

After finding the trails, Duigenan photographed them on 5 x 4, then scanned and cropped them into circular images.

Micro Mundi will show at  Klompching, NY from June 17th to August 6th. 

And for a little bit of musical accompaniment what could be better than Death to Disco by The Not Sensibles. Sorry, Elaine.

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