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Friday, 14 May 2010

I feel so dirty

Now I know how it feels to be fucked by Nick Clegg. Yuck!

And it's not as if he didn't warn us.


Gonçalo Valverde said...

Well, I would say that the first step to change would be to modify the totally anti-democratic system of "First past the post". This means not only that voting in small parties (like the SWP, Green or others) are totally irrelevant since votes on this parties are basically thrown into the trash but also gives you a government like in the other election where a party gets the majority of the seats in parliament without getting the majority of the votes.

Federico said...

I remember being in London in 1996, when the triumph of Tony Blair (it would happen the following year) seemed unavoidable. There was some excitemente in the air, after many years of Thatcher, and an uncarismatic and declining John Major. But an Islington left wing friend of mine seemed basically unmoved, and dismissed Blair as another "Tory".

I wonder whether the current formula, ideologically, doesn't leave Britain in the exact same place it has been for the last thirteen years. Meaning: New Toryism (right towards centre) - Lib Dems (centre towards left) = New Labour (dead centre).

I understand that you feel you were betrayed by Clegg, but at least seen from the outside (and I admit I am way outside, and perhaps very wrong) it seems Clegg can pull Tories' policies a bit in the right (I mean left!) direction...

colin pantall said...

Hi Federico - a lot of people share your idea of the Liberal Party tempering the extremes of the Conservatives.

Unfortunately I don't think that will happen - the Liberals are by far the smaller party and will get steamrollered by the Conservative Party. Remember that David Cameron is the nice side of the tories - but there are all sorts of people beneath and behind him.

Tony Blair was despicable in so many ways, but under the Labour government, good policies like Child Tax Credit, EMA, minimum wage, investment in education and health were apparent and though the wealth gap widened for other reasons, the earnings of lower earners (like myself - vested interest here) went up - these policies would not have happened under the Conservatives.

We will see how long the coalition lasts. The idea of making parliament fixed term of 5 years and only dissoluble on a vote of no confidence of 55% is a big, big change and incredibly dubious - many conservatives are against it.

We will see.

I don't know if I was betrayed by Clegg because I didn't invest that much in him and I always thought he was a bit of a cock (and I was right there) - but I am pissed off I didn't vote Green as I was going to before I talked myself out of it with the keeping the tories out rhetoric.