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Monday, 20 September 2010

James Chip Thomas, JR and Banksy

The public art above (the bottom two photos are by Gary O’Brien) are by James Chip Thomas.
Thomas pastes up the giant  pictures on  a Navajo reservation where he works as a doctor. The pictures are nostalgic but also tragic and the few that he has made so far seem to integrate perfectly with the dilapidated aridity of their surroundings. It would be interesting to know exactly why he photographs what he does, and his rationale for siting the works.

I think Thomas was inspired by the giant portraits of JR, but though I admire the energy and ambition of JR, I am never quite convinced by either the pictures he makes, the sites he chooses and the combination of the two. Still, his work makes an impact. 

For more information on Chip Thomas, see Erika Schulz.

To see more of Chip Thomas’ photos, visit his flickr page.

Oh, and here's a little bit of Banksy while we're at it.

Banksy on the Israeli Wall

More graffiti/street art here. 

And this comes via Prison Photography again.

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Unknown said...

nice collection of images.
Love the Tesco one because every little helps!