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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Are you paid nothing for your work? Are you an intern?

Ben Lyons has been running Intern Aware with a particular focus on Whitehall and political internships. At the same time, Intern Awar is campaigning in other areas and is working towards getting the UK minimum wage paid for all interns, including those in photography, the media, working for agencies or individuals. I know photography is a grey area where the rhetoric of volunteerism is rife, but that is no excuse for no-wages or sub-minimum wages - wages that ensure that access to the media, arts or photographic fields is only open to those with massive bank accounts or trust funds.

So if you are working for any organisations or photographers where no wages are paid, especially for organisations where you think wages could be paid, do get in touch with Ben and the team at Intern Aware. It could help make all the difference.

email info@internaware.org.

1 comment:

Jose Guilis said...

Interns of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

It's like going back in time. There was a time when the apprentices not only worked for nothing, they were even supposed to pay. Maybe that's what's next...

Hope the campaign opens people's eyes.