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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Cold Snap on Solsbury Hill

The cold continues and Christmas is coming. I love this picture of Isabel and Bailey gallivanting about in the frost on Solsbury Hill. 

Speaking of Solsbury Hill, I really like Adrian Arbib's book of the same name. It reminds me of the road protests of years back. And thank you to all the good British student protestors and Uncut demonstrators out there - your actions mean we end the year with at least some hope whatever Clegg, Cameron and all of the other Jeremy Hunts vote for today. It almost doesn't matter what they vote for, watching Clegg's face visibly age as he makes his long march towards the Conservative Party, the Tory backbenches and deselection at the next election makes the short-term pain almost worthwhile - and it makes watching the TV so much more interactive. Never before has shouting Wanker at the TV (Lickspittle before the watershed) been so satisfying or seemed so full of wit - well, not since the 80s at least. .  

Now, altogether now, Climbing Up on Solsbury Hill....

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