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Friday, 10 December 2010

How to make your Oxford College Prospectus look multi-racial

Only one black Afro-Caribbean Briton undergraduate student was admitted to Oxford  University last year,
more than 20 Oxbridge colleges made no offers to black candidates for undergraduate courses last year and one Oxford college has not admitted a single black student in five years.

Read the full story here.

And if you ever wondered how places like Oxford make their university prospectuses...

Matthew Benjamin, 28, who studied geography at Jesus College, Oxford, said: "I was very aware that I was the only black student in my year at my college. I was never made to feel out of place, but it was certainly something I was conscious of.

"When I arrived and they wanted to do a prospectus, and have some students on the cover, they chose me, and one other Asian guy and another guy from Thailand. It was clear they wanted to project this image of somewhere that was quite diverse. The reality was very different – there were three [minority] ethnic students in a year.

"On open days, some black kids would see me and say 'you're the only black person we've seen here – is it even worth us applying?'"

Read the full story here.

This is the Oxford response.

The coalition government would have us believe that yesterday's tripling of  university fees for places like Oxford and Cambridge will lead to more poor students attending and increase social mobility.What colleges did they go to and what incomes were their parents on?


Stan B. said...

During any national campaign here in the states, Republicans will always (always) round up whatever available handful of dark complexioned fools (or kids too young to know better) to conveniently position behind their candidate while speaking to the 99% white crowd facing them.

And, unless they're hired help, sport stars (or kids too young to know better) that's the last bit of color you'll see within 10 feet of them if elected.

Unknown said...

In fact 22% of Oxford’s overall student body is non-white - surely a higher proportion than in the overall population. Also, it seems that the reason for the under-representation of black students can be traced to under-performance in schools - therefore not Oxbridge's fault. Your report seems pretty distorted.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Stan - that's not too far different from Oxford which makes its excuses but is as elitist as you like.

The report mentions Afro-Caribbean Britons quite specifically, Igor - not black/ethnic minority students (which includes students of quite a different socio-economic background, and nationality, to the people Lammy is mentioning) - and if you want to look at the economic background of Oxford students and the schools they attended, the regions they come from,the results are even more shocking - Oxbridge is a finishing school for the 5% of the population who is privately educated.