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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sisters RIP: Isabelle Caro and Geraldine Doyle

Isabelle Caro and Geraldine Doyle, star of the Rosie the Riveter poster both died over the holidays. Follow the links above for the stories. I think the idea that the picture of Caro can be inspiring in a thinspirational way serves to show that pictures can be sometimes completely out of our control and that there are possibilities and perspectives that perhaps need to be disregarded.

Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model whose emaciated image appeared in an Italian ad campaign and whose anorexia was followed by other sufferers of eating disorders, has died aged 28. The picture above is by the Oliviero Toscani.


Caro was featured in an ad campaign by the Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani in 2007 for an Italian fashion house. Under the headline "No Anorexia", images across newspapers and billboards showed Caro naked, vertebrae and facial bones protruding.


The ad campaign was launched at a time when the fashion industry was under scrutiny about anorexia, after a 21-year-old Brazilian model died from the eating disorder. Caro's agent, Sylvie Fabregon, said the image was intended "to show what it is like to be anorexic".

Some groups working with anorexics warned that it did a disservice to those afflicted. Images of Caro appeared on pro-anorexia websites; yesterday, one posted a notice about her death and a photo of her, with the caption "die young, stay pretty".

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