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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fellating the Bishop

The chess scenes above is from Bekhudi (Kajol's first film) and is quite obviously inspired by this chess scene from The Thomas Crown Affair (starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway).  Austin Powers,the Spy who Shagged Me is another film that has a Thomas Crown inspired chess scene.

I don't know which of the three I prefer, but perhaps it's the Bekhudi version. Here Kajol's bishop-teasing antics drove the anti-hero so crazy with lust and desire  that he was driven to force her to marry him. Or did he? No spoilers on this blog thank you very much.

The fascinating thing about Bekhudi is that Khulbushan Kharbander (who plays the weak father who ultimately caused all the chess playing problems in the first place) also plays the unfaithful husband in Arth.

Directed by Mahesh Bhatt and starring Shabana Azmi (who starred in the incomparable Amar, Akbar, Anthony - and is married to the great Javed Akhtar), Arth is perhaps the only Indian film in which the heroine rejects both her faithless husband and the would-be lover. Instead she chooses to be alone and live in poverty.

Can I link this in to the deletion of H-H-H-Hilary from the Whitehouse Situation Room picture.

Mmm, perhaps not. But thank you Wikipedia anyway.

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