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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I don't have a clear understanding of Kickstarter and what it's for. Its weird mix of concerned, sectarian, hobbyist, sporting, travel and other photography doesn't excite me and it seems that most of the better projects are just seeking alternative funding to that once provided by various branches of the publishing.

One project that I can get enthusiastic about is Pete Brook's Kickstarter project. This is something that extends beyond the visual to the political and collaborative. It's a campaigning project and has the feel that it will be the start of something rather than an end in itself. And Pete cares about what he's doing and wants us to care about it - and if we do, it will make the world a better and kinder place. It's a project for everyone in other words.

It's also an example of something simple being done (that hasn't been done before? I don't know - has anyone tried to tie in prison photography in all its various forms so coherently. If they have, do let me know - and who else is doing a similar thing in terms of migration, employment, the depression etc? ).

So if you have some money spare, do think about funding it.

Sign up to fund Pete Brook here and see Prison Photography here.

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