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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pushpak - the Greatest Modern Silent-ish Film Ever Made

I enjoyed The Artist, but then I saw Pushpak, a1987 silent/dialogue-free Indian film and I was quite blown away. It must be one of the few films in which an enema is central to the plot, yet still it won the award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment

The basic premise is of an unemployed man (see the Karl Marx poster in his room) who gets the chance to take on somebody else's identity - and wallet.  There's a magician, an assassin,  knives made of ice, there's love and an a soundtrack of Hong Kong kung-fu films. It's one of my favourite films ever just because I've never seen anything quite like it. Just shows it's all been done before. Silent that is? Er, anyway, it's all on youtube. Fabulous.


Satyashodhak Slacktivist said...

Loved this post about Pushpak. I'm planning a similar one too at slacktivism101.blogspot.com

colin pantall said...

Ha ha - the Pushpak fan club. there's a weird film. I look forward to reading it - post a link up when it's up.