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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

South African Culture

Roger Ballen directed this video by Die Antwoord, South Africa's finest and it shows just a little, just a few hints in there. There's a PHD in here somewhere, but at the same time it's kind of fun. Grand Guignol meets the Adams Family.


Eric Rose said...

Well I guess they don't have to worry about forgetting the words. The video is really cool, especially when you turn off the sound.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Eric, you old man, you! Now Bob Hope, Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, they knew how to sing. And I love them too and if they were alive today, then Roger Ballen would be making videos for them as well.

Erik - I don't know what happened to your comment. I didn't delete it so blame blogger for that.

Sorry Eric, I can't help it. Here's something tuneful for you, a little bit of Robertino Loretti from way back - maybe mash it up and watch the Ballen video with the Robertino words. That should work just fine.