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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Brave New World of Photography: Tony Fouhse

There seem to be a lot more photographers working closely with their subjects. It’s collaboration and at its best, it goes right up to the frontiers of photography, both in terms of ethics and personal involvement. I’ve featured a whole load of people on this blog who have worked closely with their subjects (Anthony Luvera, Timothy Archibald, Juliana Beasley, KayLynnDeveney and Scot Sothern to name but a few and to heck with it, I’ll include all of them in this listing as well) but Tony Fouhse’s work with Stephanie, Live Through This, really pushes the boundaries. 

The project is coming out as a book (published by Straylight Press ) in a couple of months time ( pre-order here). I’ve followed the project from its beginnings and it’s a driving force of narrative nature. So for incredible portraiture and a huge investment of physical and emotional energy, and for creating personal work that doesn’t necessarily sit that tidily with his commercial and editorial work and is somewhere just outside the realm of humanist photography while still being humanist, my choice is Tony Fouhse.

 More on Tony Fouhse here and here.



Stan B. said...

Important, relevant, must see work!

colin pantall said...

You got it - humanist but different, I think that's what makes it new.

Anonymous said...

His sincerity is brutally sincere.

colin pantall said...

Brutally Sincere - love it!