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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Family Album 3

 More from Pete's family album, this one of Keith being a goalie in Enfield, North London. It reminds me of that picture in Volume 1 of the Photobook History where the stretching keeper is spread across two pages, with a nice white gutter in the middle.

It also reminds me of the philosophical nature of goalkeepers, mainly because Keith is now teaches philosophy in Georgia, the US one. He's also a Spurs fan, Tottenham not San Antonio.

Here's a picture of Keith falling out of a tree. Trees are one of my favourite places to photograph people - well my daughter really, but she's not a philospher so she doesn't fall out of them.

More to the point, there is a connection between the move to colour (and this is very early colour for a snapshot camera - early sixties) and the demise of the family album. It's visible in virtually all family albums, where the sharpness and the composition falls off as people try to catch colours rather than create 'memorable' moments.

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