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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Best Books of 2012

It's Best books of 2012 Listorama in both the BJP and Photo Eye. I have a bit of a hate love thing with lists, but this year the love won ( aka I was asked) and so I have a list in there. Some seriously good books in there with ( based on a true story) top of the pile just for being so cool. But Billy Monk has the best pictures and The Present is best of a series, Less Americains has the best art history roots (and is the most provocative), Sasha wins the teenage narrative prize, Lebensmittel has the best pairings, A Possible Life and The Altogether the best page turning/cutting design, Live Through This explodes through the intensity ratings, A Girl and Her Room is the best in the world of interiors.
And just in case you missed it, here is Blake Andrews' Best Books list from last year. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Colin,

I notice that you have omitted from your 'list' Christina de Middel's much lauded Afronaughts... I just wonder why?

Photography books are as much about design, layout and tactile feel as the visual... (a personal view).

I enjoy your blog and writings.

My blog out of interest is:

Have a good Xmas,

Chris Kirby

colin pantall said...

It is not on the list because I am not that mad keen on the whole African sci-fi thing which has proliferated over the last few years, nor on the Fontcuberta take on the world which leaves me a bit lacking, but mostly because I don't have a copy!