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Monday, 28 January 2013

The Man in the Ruler Suit

I very much enjoyed interviewing Thijs Wassink of WassinkLundgren for a feature in the February BJP (to correspond with their exhibition at Foam) even though it was on New Year's Day and I had to delay having a drink till I'd spoken to him and written up my notes. Sadly I didn't get to interview his partner, Ruben Lundgren.

But who needs to interview him when you can see a picture of him wearing a ruler suit. The basic story is this: Lundgren moves to Beijing to study photography. Before he goes he learns Mandarin because he wants to intergrate. The problem is he's 2 metres tall (six feet seven inches to little Angloids) so everywhere he goes people point and ask him how tall he is, what's the weather like up there - you know the kind of thing.

So WassinkLundgren turn this energy into something positive. They get a ruler suit made and Lundren goes around Beijing wearing the suit and getting his picture taken. They make an exhibition, go to some award cermonies, and so the whole project becomes a commentary on fame - maybe. Because there don't seem to be too many pictures of Lundgren wearing the suit around Beijing (the one above is the one you see), which is a pity because a ruler suit is not something you see every day.

Read more about it here.

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