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Monday, 4 March 2013

Mike Brodie: Just too Darn Cool

It was great to see Mike Brodie's train-hopping pictures in the BJP this month. Sometimes a screen can't quite do for pictures what the pages of a magazine can. There are some pictures that are just jump out at you and don't need too much thinking about (although you can always do that if you like) and Brodie's hit that spot perfectly. They are cinematic with a romantic element that really doesn't need much going into, but also with an earthiness and an elevation of a mythologized, youthful America - which I could go into but sometimes there just isn't the time or the energy. Ultimately, the pictures are just too darn cool. They are there to be enjoyed.

He's also got a book out and quite a lot going on. Brodie hits mixes a Zoe Strauss authenticity with a Ryan McGinley artlessness. I love Zoe Strauss and I like Ryan McGinley too. His pictures look great! ( though part of me is aware that I like him in the same way that I like Reese's Pieces or Coco Pops. I like them, but ultimately I know they will destroy both my body and my soul). I have absolutely no knowledge of Mike Brodie but I wonder which way he'll go - the Strauss way or the McGinley way? Or his own way?

This is his book: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

And this is something from South Africa:
Soweto Surfing

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