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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Still Lives, Allotments and Galaxies

The BJP has a Still Life special this month featuring, from top down, the work of Nadege Meriau, Klaus Pichler, Nicolai Howalt and Deborah Bay (and interviews by myself and Lauren Heinz examining their work).

All the artists photograph something we take for granted and then recontextualise it  - Meriau, Howalt and Bay all have projects that transform things into something resembling galaxies; dust, vegetables and bullet holes become Supernova in their hands.

Pichler and Meriau have both worked with allotments and now work with food, Howalt's Car Crash Studies look like close up of birthday party wrapping paper and Deborah Bay's project is called Big Bang and she's from Houston so there has to be a Sheldon Cooper connection in there somewhere.

The Big Bang project reminded me very much of Claus Stolz's sunburn pictures too -one of which is below. Which brings us full circle to the night sky and the stars. Somehow Still Lives are a bit more about movement, living and the fundamentals of human life.  And it all started with a Big Bang!

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