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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer, 'Gyrle' by Jennifer Loeber

It's summer time and Jennifer Loeber's Gyrle is a perfect match for the season, a project with personality, vision and beauty shot through flowers in hazy 70s light. I get the feeling that it is as much a project about the relationship between Loeber and Lorelei and that takes it into a different field than your standard transition story.

I especially like the pictures of Lorelei with foliage, maybe because I like plants and trees. And though Lorelei performs for the camera, her passions and personality seem to come through. And a certain vulnerability.

This is how the project started. It's still continuing and I'm guessing that as it develops it will gather even more depth.

'I met Lorelei when we were teenagers at a non-traditional summer camp I chronicled in my series Cruel Story of Youth. She was still identifying as male then and went by the name Mac.

 We reconnected when my Cruel Story of Youth series started being written about and exhibited. I found out about her transition when she added me on Facebook and I asked her to pose for a nude series I'm working on- that lead to this series.'


Deborah Parkin Photography said...

I think these are beautiful images.

colin pantall said...

Aren't they just. And very relaxed in a strange posed kind of way - they have an interesting dynamic to them where they almost don't work, but then they do work.