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Friday, 20 September 2013

Kassel Fotobookfestival Dummy Award: Kids, Melons, Islands and Yams

Paul Gaffney's book, We Make the Path by Walking is in for the Kassel FotobookFestival Photobook Award along with many others.

There's also the Dummy Award. The great thing here is nearly all the books are visible online, most through Issu - which it makes it incredibly easy to flick through them.

It's not the best way to look at the books but pragmatically it works even if it means you miss out so many of the finer details.

So here are a few picks based on a very brief online viewing and missing out anything that requires a more sophisticated examination.

Lorenzo Vitturi: One Pound Have a Look Yam Yam. Viviviane Sassen meets Stephen Gill via Sigmund Freud's cabinet of primitive delights. The colour smacks you in the mouth but it's all in keeping with the place it was made; it's local history come to life.




Artur Krutsch: Thule This is a quiet, mysterious and rather dark contemplation on the mythical island of  Thule, the place where the world ends.

Sarah Diekman: Ordnung der dinge. Repeated pictures of kids sleeping, on their backs, on their side, with the bum in the air goes into endless arrangements of the detritus of childhood life before we're back to the sleep again. This is a rather accurate portrayal of the exhausting nature of motherhood (I'm guessing she's the mother here), and the artlessness and chaos fits right into the theme.

Kirill Golovchenko: Bitter Honeydew  This is a book of pictures of a melon stall at night, and what a melon stand it is.

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