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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

For the Children

For the Children is a small book by Daniel Donnelly published by Antler Press in Plymouth. Like the classic Cafe Royal series, Antler books are more pamphlet than book, the lower end of the photobook food chain, and all the better for it.

This is what Donnelly (who is one of the lucky ones participating in this amazing looking working in the Himalaya with Cristina de Middel and Ricardo Cases) says about the book.

A sheep costs more than 200 euros. So why do many poor families buy one? Surely it is really difficult to find the money?
These are the questions I asked in the weeks coming up to Eid. A version of the answer I often found was:
“For the children. To have the sheep, to have new things in the house, to have new cushions for the sofa. You want the children to have a happy Eid.”
For the children is a collection of photos taken on Eid al-Adha in October 2013 in Asilah, Morocco.

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