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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Graduation Show

Happy Graduation Shows to everybody who is graduating in the UK, Ireland or wherever you are, especially if you're from Newport. The work from up top is by Sophie Skipper whose work you can see at the Documentary Photography show at Jacobs Antique Market in Cardiff. This place has an amazing roof garden and check out the stuffed puppies in the ground floor stall. Classy! Opening tomorrow night.

The work below is by Harry Rose who will be showing his work in the Photographic Art Graduation show at City Campus in Newport. See more work at Leaving the Building here. Opens this evening.


And the work below is by Victor Hensel-Coe who will be showing at the Embassy Tea Gallery, SE1 in London. Private View is from 2pm - 6pm and I'm looking forward to seeing the work up there.

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