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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Not Going Shopping

Not Going Shopping is the title of Anthony Luvera's latest collaborative project; a work about being queer in Brighton.

There's a publication too. A newspaper which has a series of photobooth portraitsm on the back and front cover. Inside their are texts (blog extracts and Facebook updates) where people express their doubts about their experiences, about the expectations of being some kind of queer ambassador, and the worries of not having suffered enough to have an interesting past.

There are also rephotographed photobooth portraits mixed with text which are very straightforward; 'I don't have to explain myself', 'Average Baldy Queer' and 'Just another person.'

One writer expresses his doubts about these portraits;

'I had enjoyed the photobooth but in this re-creation I felt strangely menaced.... My first reaction was horror at seeing my age writ large... The thought of seeing my face blown up and pasted on walls also filled me with dread.... But then, ....the fear subsided as she emerged before me. I could see my mother's features woven into my own, the line of her chin; the grey warmth of her eyes. Tears welled in my eyes as I channelled the ever present sense of loss with a joy at seeing her alive in me. She died proud of me, another five letter word. 

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And if you like this collaborative statement, check out We Are the Youth who have a book coming out this summer.

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