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Friday, 7 November 2014

I've Got a Lovely Slice of Meteorite

Books on seeds, books of fire, books on forests, where are we? Ah yes, rocks! Let's have a little dig around and see if we can find any books on rocks...

And sure enough we can. I haven't got The Meteorite Hunter by Alexandra Lethbridge but it looks great. Get your copy now because it's a very small edition of 100 and will sell out. So instead of writing a review of that, I'll put up a picture of a slice of the world's largest intact meteorite, the 66 ton Hoba Meteorite that sits in the hole where it landed just near Grootfontein in Namibia.

There done, dusted and I win the who's got the best meteorite in one fell swoop!

Ah, but what's this? Tectonic by Johan Rosenmunthe with text by Mary Anne Atwood, a spiritualist who wrote on alchemy, minerals and the spiritual. Her final words were  "I cannot find my centre of gravity."

I like those words but the text. I tried but I wasn't interested enough. It didn't do it for me. Not at all.

The book launch. This is the book launch below, at Unseen, where everybody got in a circle and was healed.  Awesome! I think. I'm not sure. I know a few people who are really into crystals and, well, ho hum... but anyway it does look fun and it does look different.

The pictures? These are direct pictures of minerals and the places where minerals are found, printed for the most part on the super shiny paper that seems to be the thing. There are pictures showing the tools to dig them out, pictures showing how they are opened and analysed. So it's another mapping, a mapping of the mineral world.

I really don't know. I kind of like them, probably because when I go into city museums I like looking in the mineral section where they have the the crystals and semi-precious stones. And that's what it reminds me of, and that's what it is supposed to remind me of. Tectonic is a bit like one of those museum corners, with sparkly pages that dazzle your eyes and befuddle your brain. And in that sense it works, I'm dazzled and befuddled.

But really, I really don't know!

Buy the book here.

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