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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thank you for Reading. Come to the Bristol Landscape Day in November

That's it for me for the blogging year. Thank you for reading.

I'll be back in September or October sometime. If you're in Sicily in September come to Gazebook Sicily. There's a beach and everything!

And if you're in the UK in November, don't forget to get your tickets for:

Beyond the Visual Landscape at the SouthBank Club, Bristol

November 7th: 12:00 - 19:30 tbc

Buy Tickets here

It's a  day of talks and screenings looking at how landscape, words, music and sound connect us to ourselves and the places we photograph. The rough outlines below give an idea of what people will talk about and speakers include Beth and Thom Atkinson, Angus Carlyle, Susan Derges, Paul Gaffney, Max Houghton, Jem Southam, and Ester Vonplon.

Beth and Thom Atkinson will be talking about the secret history of London as made apparent in their Missing Buildings project, an enigma where the visible is made Visible and layers of the past are suddenly revealed.

Angus Carlyle will talk about sound and landscape, and how the one affects our experience of the other, how sound cuts through time, how sound creates pressure, how sound ties to emotion, memory and landscape. The screenshot below is from a project on a wartime hiding place/cave in Okinawa.

From The Cave Mouth and The Giant Voice by Rupert Cox and Angus Carlyle

Susan Derges has a practice that has evolved with herself. She makes amazing photograms that connect water, personal history and landscape, but for this weekend she will talk about her newest work - all will be revealed on the day.

Shoreline by Susan Derges

Paul Gaffney will look at the evolution of his psycho-geographical, intuition based landscapes. He will also be showing new work from his latest book which continues the intuition-based tradition of We Make the Path by Walking but is also very different..

Max Houghton will talk about language, literature and landscape, and how our knowledge of language shapes our experience of the world around us.

Carpet-Mounds by Colin Pantall

Jem Southam's practice connects to the landscape through the very personal act of walking. He uses time to capture the shifts of nature at the most basic level. He will talk about his latest work and returning to a photographic practice based firmly around the fields, rivers, ponds and coastlines of the Southwest of England.

The Exe River by Jem southam

Ester Vonplon photographs a Switzerland denuded of its familiar lyricism. She will talk about her Gletscherfahrt project and the commissioned sound/music blend that makes it such a emotionally powerful piece.

From Gletscherfahrt by Ester Vonplon

Save the place (Bristol), the date (November 7th) and

Buy your tickets here.

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