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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Come to Gazebook Sicily. It's Next Week

So summer's over. Welcome back! I'll start slowly with a promotion for me because I ended with a promotion for me. I do need it. 

In truth, summer never got started in the UK (as you will see in my upcoming reviews of British seaside towns).  
Which is why I'm so happy to be going to Sicily next week for Gazebook.

 I'll be joining in with Alex from Akina who will be running an introductory workshop on photobooks of Friday 11th. 

It's 60 euros and you can get further information and book at 

Here is the full brief for the workshop.


ENG // Scendi giĆ¹ per ITALIANO

1-Full-Day workshop held by Alex Bocchetto (Co-Founder AKINA Books) in collaboration with Colin Pantall (UK).

It will be an introduction to photobooks' creative and post-production workflow, ideas, marketing, editing, production, audience, funding and marketing!

The workshop is addressed to anyone has an editorial photographic (and not only) ongoing project in mind. It will focus as well on how to work with small budget without compromise the quality. Indeed, the limits might even improve it!

Through case studies and debates, the workshop aims to be an introduction to the photobook as medium. The basis for an independent project development will be discussed as well. 
The main themes will be: production and printing, editing, funding, marketing, new tendencies in the photographic publishing.

- Time vs Money
- Self-Production vs Publisher 
- Photobook vs Catalogue
- Analogue vs Digital 

The maximum number of students is 15. The workshop will be taught in ENGLISH. However, Alex himself and Marta will be there if anyone needs help with the language from/to ITALIAN.

The price is 60€ (about 40/45£). To sign-up emailed us at photogazebook@gmail.com

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