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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gazebook in Pictures

On the way home 1: Yesterday's bus trip to Catania Airport, Sicily.

It was very sad to leave Punta Secca and Gazebook 2015 yesterday.What a place to have a festival! It was really lovely. I will do my best to be more Italian. A few more days and I would have got there.

Thank you everybody for organising, talking, showing, and being there! 

A talk (Tony Gentile talking about his brilliant book, A Sicilian War - more on this later).

An exhibition by #Dysturb. Read about what they do in Foam Magazine 41

The second most famous balcony in Italy.

One-to-ones at a Mark Power workshop.

An Alex Bochetto workshop lunchbreak.

Photographers, publishers, writers, teachers and curators.

Portfolio reviews.

A dinner.

A shower.

A palm tree.

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On the way home 2: Yesterday's bus trip from Bristol Airport to Bath.

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