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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sound, Word and Landscape: How we think about, make and show pictures

Robert Adams famously described how the best landscape photography is a combination of the geographical, the autobiographical and the metaphorical.

Which covers the speakers at Word, Sound and Landscape on November 7th in Bristol.

But more than that, their covers how word, sound, music and a collaborative approach result in work that goes beneath the pretty and pastoral - and takes us to the heart of the places we walk, live and inhabit in different ways.

It's the idea that landscape photography needs to go beyond the visual to have any kind of depth. The same could be said of all kinds of photography, but it seems that landscape is leading the way in thinking how sight, touch, materiality, sound, smell, body and mind can all come together in the making and the showing of work.

Word, Sound and Landscape is about more than just the making of pictures. It's the whole process. On the day there are speakers who have at the heart of their work

  • the raison d'etre of why we make pictures
  • the linking between place and the making of images
  • the materiality of the image and how that connects to place and our self 
  • the physical linkage between  arriving at a place, being in a place and making in a place
  • how traces of history appear and change our understanding of the places we inhabit
  • how emotion connects to environment, and how sound and music link the two
  • how the exhibiting of work can take us into the places where we photograph

It's a day that touches on how we think about, make and exhibit photography. If you are remotely interested in land, in place, in photography or the world in which we live, you should be there.

Speakers include Beth and Thom Atkinson, Esther Vonplon, Max Houghton, Jem Southam, fPaul Gaffney, Angus Carlyle.

Sound, Word and Landscape: Beyond the Visual is at the SouthBank Club, Bristol

November 7th: 12:30 - 19:30 (a buffet dinner will follow at 20:00)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This sounds really interesting Colin. It is something I increasingly think about in view of all the boring landscape photography "out there". I appreciate photographers like J. Southam, G. Johansson, R. Adams and P. Gaffney very much. Any chance of having documentation of the presentations publicly accessible after the day for us who are not in the UK? I prefer reading and am not fond of videos.

All the best/
Mattias J,
Stockholm, Sweden