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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Best of 2015

 It's the end of the year and this is my last post for now. The lists are going up and I'll be having a best of list up on Photo Eye sometime soon. But it's not really best of, it's favourites and is really pretty arbitrary in some ways. There are plenty of other books that could be in there too.

So to end the blogging year, here's a few of my other favourites from 2015!

I'll be having a Happy Birthday, Christmas and New Year. And a Happy Whatever you Celebrate to everybody wherever you are!

Best Workshop Venue: Gazebook Sicily 

Best Dogs: Klaus Pichler

Best More than just a Surveillance Project: Lina Hashim

Best Postcard Project: Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Best artistic depiction of a prison cell: Ai Wei Wei 

Best book that shows something that doesn't exist: Missing Buildings by Thom and Beth Atkinson

Best  idea that will get reused again and again: 'Thin Places' - as quoted by Thom and Beth Atkinson. Thin Places are where the physical and the spiritual worlds come close.

Other Best Book that shows something that doesn't exist: YU by Dragana Jurisic

“Where do you come from?
From Yugoslavia.
Is there any such country?
No, but that’s still where I come from.”

Best Black and White book on the Basque Country: Ama Lur by Jon Casenave

Best Black and White book from Brazil: Hart by Laura Del Rey and Alziro Barbosa

Best Ukrainian Book: Chronicle

Best Himalayan Project The Himalayan Project

Best Mad Internet Project: A Work on Jealousy

 Best theme-park based exhibition: Dismaland


Best promotion for a photobook festival and Best Golden Shoes: Gazebook and Ricardo Martinez Paz!

Best Cut the crap already: Thank you for standing up and making words count, Aritry Das. 

1 comment:

Brian Steptoe said...

Your blogs are much appreciated. Pleased to tell you that the RPS International Photobook exhibition is now receiving entries. One of these is in your 'best' list here.
All the best for Christmas and New Year, Brian