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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Blackcelona: Not so much noir as charcoal


Blackcelona is a book of photographs of Barcelona by Salvi Danes. It's got a black cover and the pictures are kind of dark, mostly in black and white, with a slightly underexposed edge to them. It's dark. Hence Blackcelona.

There are portraits,  archive pictures,  interiors, and night time pictures all adding up to a feeling of a city that is slightly out of time.


It's not so much noir as charcoal, but despite this there is some colour in the portraits and odd pictures that don't fit - the innards of a beast that look like an offcut from the cover of Grand Circle Diego.


Hairdos, watches and cinema seats all put in an appearance, the cinema seats hinting at some pornographic underworld from a distant past lying somewhere beneath the surface. A bit of bondage adds to the sense of sexual mystery.


Roundabouts, bird wings and a sense of some deep Catalan past click in. I'm not sure what it all means, or even if it means anything, but again, it's a book that is not trying to be obvious. You have to read the pictures and work it out for yourself.

And that's always a rewarding process.

Buy the book here. 


kirby said...

Salvi Danes had the most striking, interesting and original exhibition of what I saw in PHotoEspaƱa this year. On the back of that I am definitely interested in seeing this book.

colin pantall said...

Printed on newsprint and laid out on the floor - I'll bring in the book(s) next Wednesday for you to look at. Lovely that it strikes such a chord.