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Monday, 9 November 2015

Dispara: The First Steps on a 1,000 mile journey


It's interesting to see how a publisher develops itself and gains an identity. Some short-lived entities such as Akina feed on their own hard work, vision and energy but then suddenly hit the brick wall of circumstance, others like Cafe Royal take a long view and slowly build up year on year. Some become annoying, some nostalgic, some old before their time, some just a little bit random.

I was wondering this when I received a shipment of books from Tono Arias at Dispara books. They've got four books out to date.

Behind The Waterfall
Behind the Waterfall by David Barreiro shows the South coast of Iceland during tourist season, when people come and people go, where the temporary becomes permanent - for a few months at least. So that's all about the illusion of place and the impernance of population.

a barreira invisible

a barriera invisible by Tono Arias is a series of staged photographs with plastic bags covering faces, a symbol of consumerism that consumes us - our bodies, our faces, our words. So there's a message for you. It's all about the illusion of the everyday lives we lead.

aires de familia

aires de familia is a book by X.lois Gutierrez Failde - this shows a family album where the people have been cut out. It's relationships, our imagination of them, their fragility. It's more loss, more about what lies beneath the surface of our imagined realities.


Nos by Tono Arias shows the home where Arias was born and grew up. He restages family pictures there in the now empty and dilapidated house so that what was a home becomes not a home and then a home again.

It's a consistent list that struggles with fairly heavy questions of being; an existentialist photobook publisher if you like with a Spanish sense of gravity that comes out of living through a devastating economic crisis. These are books about who we are and where we live. I like the idea of work that shows a trail of footprints; these are the first footprints on a 1,000 mile journey.

Good luck to Dispara and the books they publish. They're not expensive either.

Buy the books here.

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