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Thursday, 12 November 2015

World Press Photo: We oppose discrimination and harassment in our community

The Sexual Harassment issue seems to be getting a lot of attention and heading into constructive directions following Aryit Das's outing of Manik Katyal last week. 

A number of organisations have already made their position clear in one way or another (including Schilt Publishing, Delhi Photography Festival and Kassel Photobook Festival).

World Press Photo have also added a statement this week to further convey the seriousness with which they take the issue and the recognition that there is a photographic community that is concerned about this problem (just as there photographic communities, magazines and publishers that are genuinely not concerned about it or even recognise it as a problem).

“We work hard to be a creative, independent organization, and the core values that help secure our integrity are:

•      Accuracy
•      Impartiality
•      Fairness
•      Respect
•      Transparency
•      Accountability

We strive for equality and diversity. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation. We oppose discrimination and harassment in our community.”

It's a small step but a good one that starts to strengthen the message. Given the range of World Press Photo programmes and workshops, I get the feeling that WPP will be extending this statement to involve photographic festivals, workshops and educational instutions. That would be something. We'll see. 


Isaac Skinatas said...


Stan B. said...

Definitely a tad on the anemic side, might as well of thrown in world peace for good measure. What's sorely lacking and needed are direct, clear statements concerning accountability and a step by step process on how to: file complaints, investigate accusations and deal with those guilty as charged (incl those who make false charges)... Needless to say, none of it will be easy; but that's no excuse for not having any plan whatsoever.

I would suggest that any woman record any interview in private.