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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Best Books of 2015: Why I don't like this book!

Alec Soth's Gathered Leaves

"I like the box. But I was expecting something better in it once I opened it."

"Like chocolates?"

"Chocolates would have been good."

Mariela Sancari's Moises 

"Have I got to do it this way. I don't like being told how to read a book."

"It's a bit foldy isn't it."

"It's like a menu, but it doesn't have any food in it."

Laura El Tantawy's In the Shadow of the Pyramids

"You say it's well-designed but look at these  crappy bindings. It's falling apart? How is it well-designed if it's falling apart?"

"We were always doing the Egyptians in school. Every year. I've never liked anything with pyramids in since."

Thomas Sauvin's Until Death Do Us Part

"Ha ha ha. That's great. How much is it?"


"It's not very big for £20. I don't like it."

Daniel Mayrit's You Haven't Seen Their Faces

"Is that it?"

"How long did that take to make?"

The Floods Collectors Edition

Joseph Wright's The Floods (Special Edition)

"I hate the text. You don't need it."

"How do you open it?"

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Ivars Gravlejs' Early Works 

"It's stupid."

"If he wanted to make it really good, he wouldn't have had a picture of a sticker on the cover, he would have had a real sticker on the cover."

Vendula Knopova's Tutorial

"The font is horrible. I know it's supposed to be horrible, but it's TOO horrible."

Olivia Arthur's Stranger 

"There's too much of it. When does it end? Couldn't there be a break in it?"

"Let's admit it. See through pages is a bit primarty school."

Sohrab Hura's Life is Elsewhere

 "I just didn't like it."

"I couldn't be bothered with the text."

"I liked the text. She did a really good job with it. What, Sohrab's a he? I thought he was a she."

"I thought he was a she as well."

"Does it make a difference to how I see the book now I know Sohrab's a he. I'm not sure. I'll have to think about that."

Tony Gentile's the War: A Sicilian story 

"You have to read the story to understand what's happening. But I wasn't in the mood to read the story. I'd already read too many stories. I don't want to read another one."

"So go back to it when you are in the mood to read another story."

"No. I've had my fill of stories."

Siegfried Hansen's Hold the Line

"There's no text in it."

"It looks too nice."

"It's immaculate composition, but who cares?"

Ester Vonplon's Gletscherfahrt (comes with a record) 

"But I don't have a record player."

"So don't listen to it."

"But I want to listen to it"

"Then get a record player."

"But I don't want a record player."

All comments from showing the books to friends, students, acquaintances and family.


sohrab said...

not the first time i've been mistaken for a 'she'. i must be doing something right.

colin pantall said...

I get that feeling, Sohrab. The general idea there was that whoever wrote that was too empathic and sensitive to be a man... S