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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Rudi Says This, Rudi Says That, Rudi Says the Other...

Rudi Thoemmes of Photobook Bristol with Ivars Gravlejs

This is fun! Richard West of Source Magazine interviews Rudi Thoemmes of Photobook Bristol about books, funding and believing in the hype.

Here's the key quote:

"As soon as a book is subsidised by the photographer, it means the publisher doesn't have to sell it."

He also talks about:

On starting a Photobook Festival by accident.

On why you don't want a festival in a gallery.

On taking the hype out of the photobook world.

On what has gone wrong in the photobook world.

On design taking over from content.

If you think you'll make money from photobooks, Rudi says you won't.

If you think photobooks are a big thing, Rudi says you're mistaken.

If you think the Arnolfini Museum in Bristol is really a contender for British Museum of the Year, Rudi says it's not.

If you're thinking of paying somebody £15,000 to publish your photobook, Rudi says think again. 

If you think paying money to publish your book is a contribution, Rudi says it's not.

If you do do the above and think somebody will take your £15,000 and stick your book through InDesign Template Number 4 and send it to his mates for printing and jobs done, Rudi says you're right. 

Aside from that, He's holding back a bit I think. He likes Multistory though.

Watch the full interview here.


Tony Fouhse said...

As a small time publisher that certainly mirrors my experience. Yup.

Unknown said...

sounds like a second rate photo book publisher pretending to be a first rate photo book publisher and aping the dialogue of a publishing establishment.-chris shaw photographer

colin pantall said...

I don't agree with everything Rudi says, but I certainly wouldn't call RRB publishing books second rate (especially given the fact that they have been going for one year).

And I think there is a huge lack of transparency of how the photobook market works - and how some publishers basically live of the money that photographers put in. Don't you?