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Friday, 16 September 2016

Thanks for the Memories, Gazebook Sicily!

Gazebook was fantastic! If you don't know it, it's a festival that takes place in the small town of Punta Secca on the south coast of Sicily. That's the mayor in the picture, the chief of police, and Martin Parr, for whom the idea of great beaches, great food and Sicily was just too good an offer to resist.

Martin Parr was just one of many speakers who came this year to talk under the lighthouse in the town square. It's a fabulous, open location in which people move about, chat and socialise while the talks go on - you're not locked into a space in other words.

 It's very free and a really nice way of having photography shown and spoken about without making it seem like a lecture.

On top of the main talks, there were smaller side talks, exhibitions, workshops, book launches, the Photobook Bristol Dummies came to Sicily, portfolio reviews and a multimedia show. Which I'll talk about in future posts.

But really, the organisers of Gazebook, Simone Sapienza, Melissa Carnemolla, and Teresa Bellina have created something that goes beyond the photography. There is really such a beautiful atmosphere at Punta Secca that is simply the most relaxed photography festival you can imagine. Being on the beach helps there, and so does the town with its great little cafes, squares and hanging out spots. Going to Gazebook is like having a beach holiday with photography, dancing, eating and drinking.   

It was simply wonderful. So thank you to the wonderful people of Punta Secca who helped the festival happen by sharing their bars, their restaurants, their hotels, their streets and their hospitality.

The festival is happening again in 2017. If you like photography and you like to relax, you should go. Actually go even if the festival isn't on. Punta Secca is a lovely place to visit.


Stan B. said...

Dang! Is Martin Parr really that tall? Does he push people around? I always thought him on the short side. Or is this some evil Photoshop wizardry?

colin pantall said...

He's massive, always pushing people around, causes trouble wherever he goes, Stan! See those sandals! Steel-toed sandals! Bastard! Or Bastardo! as they say in Italy.