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Friday, 4 November 2016

Skin Darkening and Big Coats!

Wow. It's a special day for racially-tinged propaganda in our newspapers. First there was the Sun's OJ-esque skin darkening of Gina Miller.

Beyond the anti-semitic heritage of this image, there's a bigger question. Who should the real target be? Who should really be under suspicion for undermining British Values and the myth of our tolerance and open-mindedness. How about the morons who came up with this ad.

So never mind the guy in the 'big coat', look at the tall fucker in the shades in the background.

He's probably the Sun's Retouching Consultant. What are you thinking?

And the guy laughing! What's he laughing at?

He's probably the talentless prick who drew this poster. Takes other people's ideas and makes them even worse. You useless bellend! Who gave him a job?

And a clue for the morons who come up with this crap. If you really want to go after people in big coats, then go to the source; Ian McCulloch. That's him in the middle there leaning by the tree.

What's he got under his big coat, I wonder.

1 comment:

Stan B. said...

"But the Department for Transport said the images were "carefully designed" to avoid any stereotypes."

Yes, they obviously did an incredibly extensive and thorough amount of research on this. This is the norm today- you do something ridiculous (as in ridiculously stupid), then issue a statement that you are adamantly opposed to doing all things ridiculously stupid, would never even consider doing something so ridiculously stupid, have friends and family who'll testify you would never do anything so ridiculously stupid, and it is, in fact, you who are ridiculously stupid for even considering them ridiculously stupid.

Pretty clever, huh?