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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Best Refugee Property Digest

Yes, this just arrived yesterday. It's Immo Refugee, and it's a documentation of the Jungle Shacks in Calais (which have now been flattened). It's by Maria Ghetti and Marco Tiberio who are part of DEFROST studio.

It's another way of looking at the places where people lived in a manner that is familiar to many of us. It tags into a way of thinking many of already have or are familiar with or hostile to.

They got a bit of hate for this I understand (including somebody who wondered if it was a far right publication). It's clearly not a far right publication but with a few nudges it could be. And maybe that says something about how successful it is - it uses the language of selling, of advertising, of property avarice in a way that tries to go beyond cliche and stereotype to humanise not just the people who live in these shacks, but also to place the shacks into a familiar context so they resonate with us. And when the places resonate, so do the people who are unfortunate to have lived in them. And the fact that the Jungle has been destroyed doesn't mean the publication is irrelevant. It's still completely relevant, as is the fact that the rights to shelter, comfort and safety are the most fundamental rights of all.

It's a great publication. Anyway, I'll add it to the Best Books of 2016 list.

You can buy it here.

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