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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Empathy and Photography

 images from Sofa Portraits, All Quiet on the Home Front and My German Family Album

I'm looking forward to talking and taking part in a discussion at the Barbican tomorrow on Empathy in Photography.

The event is sold out, but I'll be talking about these things I think.

What is empathy? (nobody knows)

What do we empathise with? (it's not just people)

What blocks empathy? (everything)

How can we create empathy? (with difficulty)

Does empathy serve any purpose? (hope my fellow speakers, Olivia Arthur and Jess Crombie help me out with this one).

And more.

The talk is in connection with an exhibition in the Magnum Print Room of David Chim Seymour's Children's World photographs for Unesco shot after the Second World War.

Here's a link to the book that was published in 1949, be sure to read the children's letter. How relevant is that now.

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