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Friday, 16 December 2016

The Ultimate Best of List for 2016 with one Worst Compiled by Experts in Photography, Effigies and Beach Nipples

Best Photography Festival: Location, Location, Location! People, People, People! When you're on a beach with the Mediterranean lapping at your toes surrounded by a bunch of photographers and generally great people from Italy and around the world... Step forward Gazebook Sicily! It's happening again in 2017!

Most Entertaining Conversation: Martin Parr and Krass Clement at Photobook Bristol was fresh, funny, spur of the moment stuff with fantastic photography that hit every spot. Photobook Bristol is not happening in 2017 but will be taking a break to return in 2018.

Most Thought-Provoking Conversation: Lina Hashim in conversation with Amak Mahmoodian at ICVL in Bristol. There were about 18 people here for this, but the depth of work and the commitment to it was a wonder to behold.

Best Interview: When you interview Dragana Jurisic, the world is your lobster. Bosnian spaghetti Westerns, Irish Modesty, Getting Burnt out of your Home, and the Myth of the Yugoslave Super Human all played their part.

Best Dancer: It's a tie between Krass Clement, Peter Mitchell, Ingrid, Mimi Mollica and Federica Chiochetti pictured below setting Punta Secca alight.

Best Beach Nipple; The best Beach Nipple is from Rhossili (which wins the best Beach award) and it looks like the Worms' Head, the promontory in the background.

Best Animal Picture of the Year: It's a Beach Fox, also at Rhossili. I might enter this in a competition. Maybe I'll become a wildlife photogapher. There's money in that!

Best Dead Duck; See, more wildlife. The wildlife photography dream is alive and kicking. Which is more than be said for this duck. It's dead and it's in Southgate, Bath, the shopping centre designed by people without souls or imagination. Which is what works in retail architecture, so fair play there.

You don't see many dead ducks on the street. It's normally pigeons, or seagulls. So it's positives all round!

Best Brutalist Hilltop Communist Conference Centre: Competition was tight for this one. There was a big challenge from the Solsbury Hill Hall for the Federation of Democratic Youth, but ultimately it was pipped by the fabulous Buzludzha Monument rising above the Shipka Pass in Bulgaria.

Most To-The-Point Graffiti for Everybody Everywhere in 2016: Ah, this is from Sofia in Bulgaria.

Best Effigy: With all due respect fuck off Lewes. It's this one, from Larkhall in Bath. 

Best Burning Effigy: More due respect to Lewes here, because it's this one. Monumental, Epic, and Mind Blowing!

Worst Shave: This one!

Which is an appropriate way to end 2016. 

See you next year, in all kinds of languages!

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