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Friday, 20 January 2017

Forget meitu, the GolGove app is where it's at!

There's something happening today but the real news this week is Meitu, the crazy app that makes you look super cute and a bit simple and is yet another step on the path to Chinese hegemony 

Unfortunately, my phone is too old and full to upload it so I tried making one myself  That's it above. 
It turned out to be even better than Meitu, Basically I invented a Michael Gove/Gollum app.

If millions of people do Meitu which just makes you look simple and cute, how many more are going to do The GolGove App (I've got a name for it) which makes you look like Gollum or Gove, Everyone knows the cave dwelling Gollum, but the annoying and irrelevant Gove - he's somebody only people in the UK know at the moment, but once my app gets going that will all change. An annoying and irrelevant cave dweller. Who doesn't want to look like that.

It's one that is bound to sell! And Investment opportunities (Euros, Canadian Dollars or Swiss francs please, no pounds or US dollars) are available. Please form an orderly queue.

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