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Monday, 23 January 2017

There is no god! That's my call to prayer.

Donald Trump is now president of the United States. He is a man who has already put open deceit and lying at the centre of his presidency. He has not even been president a week and he has made the United States the laughing stock of the world.

Here is a man who brags about sexually abusing women yet still got voted into power. As an individual this abuse makes him backward and lesser. As a country that voted him into office it makes the United States backward and lesser.

It does make you wonder why people are so hateful to women. Why are they so scared of them tht they need to oppress them on a daily basis.

And yet, so often we excuse this oppression. I see it and hear of it all the time here in the UK, and it happens on a global scale. If an individual were to confine, mutilate, burn, beat, rape, force a woman to marry, or simply 'grab her by the pussy', you'd say that individual was dysfunctional or psychopathic.

And by the same token, we should say that if a society legitimises those actions, it is dysfunctional and psychopathic. It's lesser.  It's backward.

Using nationalism (see this story), religion, politics or tradition as a justification for this male violence is no excuse. It's part of that backwardness, part of that male fear of women, that male terror of the female that has somehow come to be seen as an excuse for the most barbaric of mistreatments.

The heartening thing about the Trump presidency is the number of women who came out around the world to protest his presidency, to protest the abuse of women on a global scale. This was particularly important in the US because it showed all those values that sometimes seem so mythical in the US, but here were made concrete. They elevated the United States, they recovered it. These were demonstrations of truth and justice that didn't make any excuses for violence and oppression of women. Because it happens everywhere, because there are men of every religion, every nationality, every political persuasion who are opportunist enough to hide their violent indadequacies behind the shield of religion, nationalism or ideology.

I'm not a nationalist, I'm not an ideologue, and I'm definitely not religious.

There is no god!

That's my call to prayer. No god, no allah, no Siva, no Jesus that rose from the dead, no koran that was dictated by god, no nirvana, no god who has promised any land to anyone ever. There is no god.

If you excuse the oppression of women because of religion, because of god, you are lesser. You diminish your belief and the belief of those who use religion for justice and good. If you are right wing and you oppress women, you are lesser. If you are left wing and you abuse women and use dialectics to try and disguise it, you are lesser,

The hatred of women, the fear of women, the abuse of women has no boundary. It is everywhere. And it should be called out everywhere. And that is what these demonstrations around the world were about. They transcended religion, nationality and ideology. They were absolute.  If you hate women, you fear women, you abuse women, you are lesser.

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