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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Four Icons in one Image. Amazing!

I think this project is going to be a great success. I've been very careful to make this authentic and real and ethical in a basic human way.  It's called Iconic Beach Portraits and I think it's a winner!

The trouble is the editing is a killer. Just after I shot this picture, a man ran into the frame on the horizon. I like the one above for it's understated quality, but maybe the one below is the ONE. I'm not sure! I simply don't know.

I've got lots of these images from solid, hard work on the beaches of the world. Sometimes the images are great but the light's just not quite right as in the image below. I suppose I could do something with it in post-production, but that's not really the way I roll!

I know I'm the first to do this, but I'm sure people will copy my great idea. If any of my readers are working on similar projects, I'd love to see them, share them on Facebook or somewhere, though I'm sure they won't be as good as mine!

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